Technical diving is a different kind of dive that takes divers beyond the limits of recreational diving.

Tecnical dives include some or several of the following characteristics:

  • Diving more than 40m deep.
  • Mandatory decompression stops.
  • Diving in an environment without exit to more than 40m linear of the surface.
  • Accelerated decompression and / or use of variable mixtures of gases during the dive.

In H2O Diving Center we offer:

  • H2O-Tech, where training sessions on technical buoyancy, spooling, buoy launching, stage work, etc. are held. Also, talks / debates on how to choose a gas, the team of divers, the management of DEEP gas, the management of DECO gas, etc. 
  • Technical dives. Dives to Ullastres 3, Formigues from outside, Boreas - Cairo - La Llosa de Palamós. They are longer dives to allow more immersion time.

The main idea is to create an environment where technical divers are welcome to train, chat about our things, and perform technical dives.